Craft Your Story Together

What is Mythifex?
Mythifex is a collaborative, peer-focused, narrative-oriented framework for role-playing and joint story-telling.
What makes Mythifex different?
Mythifex gives each task and hurdle of a story its own card, explaining what sort of effort or resource is needed to clear that particular task. Players use decks of cards describing their characters to determine which parts of a task they can complete from one round to the next.
This organization means that there are several ways to play games using Mythifex that don't require a player to sit out as author or moderator.
How does it work?
Mythifex breaks each challenge and obstacle down into a collection of Resources that the players need to apply in order to complete it:
  • Task Resources are applied to obstacles in the environment, like the  Vigor to swim a raging river, the  Awareness to spot a trap trigger, or the  Knowledge to locate a lost city.
  • Battle Resources are applied to triumph in combat over foes and monsters, like the  Precision to strike a mighty foe's weak spot, the  Endurance to withstand their blows, or the  Calamity to blow away a crowd.
  • Social encounters can be solved using two sets of resources: Bargain Resources—like the  Necessities to survive hard times, or the  Intrigue to anticipate and prepare for current events—arrange deals and offer compromises to people you're trying to persuade, while Pressure Resources—like the  Defiance to stand tall in the face of a terror or a tyrant, or the  Humility to move a powerful lord's heart with your plight—try to manipulate social situations using emotion.
Your story is divided into Challenges made up of these Resources; usually mostly from one category, but they sometimes mix-and-match, like stirring Defiance into a Battle Challenge or Strategy into a Bargaining session.
Each player makes a character using a collection of Attribute cards, each of which combines a Resource from each category—Task, Battle, and Social—so that characters can contribute something in a large number of situations. Some Attribute cards can also be used for effects that tweak the state of the game.
How can I learn more?
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